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    1. success slider background
      10 hours of JIBC firefighter training plus three hours of workouts daily
      Earned an Olympic bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Games
      Recipient of the Jocelyn Roberts Memorial Award for women in FFTC program
      Learned how to help colleagues suffering from the trauma of the opioid crisis
      Created support, education and trauma response for workers on the front line
      Rebuilding Lives
      Supporting clients with mental health and addiction issues
      Giving Back
      Lives, works and volunteers in a Wet'suwet'en village in Central BC
      Saving Lives
      Provides health care to approximately 800 residents
      Community Service
      Teacher for at-risk youth, driving instructor, volunteer firefighter and EMR
      Role Model
      Working to provide support to Indigenous youth
      Serving Others
      Helping women end the cycle of domestic violence
      Award Winning
      Recipient of the Minerva Foundation Award for Aboriginal Women

      We respectfully acknowledge JIBC's New Westminster campus is located on the unceded Traditional Territories of the Qayqayt, Musqueam and Coast Salish Peoples.